Zamami located 40km from Naha to the west of Okinawa Prefecture.
You can come by ferry or high-speed boat.

Guidance of the Tomari Port ⇔ Zamami Port regular line

Ferry Zamami (car ferry)

The time required
120 minutes
Number of flights
1 day round trip
One-way 2,120 yen / round trip 4,030 yen
Tomari south coast

Fast ship Queen Zamami

The time required
50 to 70 minutes
Number of flights
1 day 2 to 3 round trip
One-way 3,140 yen / round trip 5,970 yen
Tomari north coast

[Reservation and Contact]Zamami village office ship Division Naha branch office

TEL 098-868-4567(10:00〜17:00)

ships operation schedule

  • ※ number of flights will vary from period to period.
  • ※ There is a case to change the flight time due to weather and other circumstances.
  • ※ Please boarding your before departure 10 minutes before. Car closes in 30 minutes before departure.
  • ※ Reservation You can from two months before the same day of embarkation date.

Guidance of the shuttle bus (Zamami Port ⇔ hotels)

Hotel from Zamami Port, and made a free shuttle between the hotel and the old Zamami beach.
※ Please let us know the sea to be boarding the forward. We will come to pick you up from the harbor.

In addition to tour shuttle we have issued a courtesy car to match the time of entry into port, departure of the ship.

For more information on the hotel shuttle service bus service table refer to.

Please make your reservation than be sure your reservation form is when you wish to transfer.

Please make your reservation at the arrival date two days before or later in the case be sure to have the phone.
☎ 098-987-2271

  • Pick-up (Hotel ⇔ Zamami Port)Free (18:00 will be charged .22: 00 is the final)
  • Pick-up (Hotel ⇔ old Zamami Beach) Free (18:00 will be charged .22: 00 is the final)
  • As much as possible, even your time other than the specified flights available upon pick-up hope. Please feel free to contact us.

Zamami the map