For smooth spend your stay in colorful and full-site facilities Zamami,
we offer a service tailored to the various scenes. Please spend all means you slowly.

Please enjoy the taste of the hotel unique in the restaurant with a calm atmosphere.

All seats are non smoking, seat number 60 seats.
Lunch, please sign up to o'clock on the day 10 because it is by appointment.
At the time of peak please check in front because there is that I am allowed to specify the time of your meal.

※ food allergies, etc. please let us know at the time of booking.
In that case, it will be dishes of efforts to remove allergens as much as possible, please understand that it does not guarantee the removal of allergens.
In addition, because of the island if there is no pre-consultation, change there is also a relationship between the procurement is not possible to be able to.
Please note.

Restaurant business hours
7:30 ~ 21:00
7:30 ~ 9:00
Lunch time
12:00 ~ 14:00
Dinner time
18:30 ~ 21:00