privacy policy

About the handling of personal information

Co., Ltd. Phoenix (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), the we have carefully dealing with the personal information of customers.
Basic policy with respect to personal information handling is as follows.

If you want to ask you to provide personal information

We ask you to provide personal information to our customers in the case in our following.

  1. When you use Internet booking from the website
  2. By telephone or other methods, accommodation, water sports, if you accept the rental car reservation
  3. Accommodation, water sports, when the car rental procedure
  4. In addition, if you provide personal information is required

The provision of personal information to third parties

Personal information that had you provide will not be provided to third parties except for the following.

  1. If based on the laws and regulations
  2. If there is a request for disclosure by the evidence based on the laws and regulations than public institutions
  3. If necessary in order to protect human life, the vital interests of the property, etc.

Protection and use of personal information

Personal information of the Company is implementing the appropriate and reasonable level safety measures, the information we have been using in our company.


Review the "basic policy of handling of the Corporation Phoenix Personal Information", please note that there is a case to change without prior notice.

2013 November 17,
Co., Ltd. Phoenix
Representative Director Yozo Tanabe