Company Profile

company name
Co., Ltd. Phoenix
Representative Representative Director
Yozo Tanabe
1995 December 14,
Capital stock
16 million
901-3401 Okinawa Prefecture Shimajiri-gun Zamami-shaped Asa 119 address
Business content
  • Hotel, inn, a game arcade management, maritime pleasure boat operations and management of restaurants, such as eateries
  • General travel industry
  • Automobile, motorcycle, rental and repair business of diving equipment
  • Manufacture and sale of high pressure gas
  • Held and underwater tourist guide of the workshops of scuba diving
  • Technical guidance related to diving, (planning and implementation management, publication of books, etc.)
  • Marine, basic research line development of marine resources
  • Environmental survey, various physical surveys
  • Insurance agency

All businesses incidental or relating to any of the foregoing