<Rooms and with respect to accommodation>

  • There are all non smoking. Smoking rooms do not have.
    Smoking location We have established on the first floor terrace or entrance side.

  • Yes, children in elementary school, we have set your fee.
    In addition, children of Soine (no beds, no meal) is free.
    Children only use bed We have gotten 3,000 yen as bed use fee (tax included).

  • Yes, it is possible to stick the two beds if you can contact you the day before.
    Please contact us in advance.

  • Not visible from the first floor maisonette.
    The second floor, you will see from the third floor but there is a hard to see some room.

  • I'm sorry.
    Stay at maisonette room we have been up to 4 adults.

  • Yes. It is possible.
    Pick-up or delivery of the luggage in accordance with the ship of time is also possible.
    Please check with the front for more information.

  • Kuroneko-Yamato, is possible if it is good in the cash on delivery.

  • Yes. It is possible. We have entrusted to us at the front desk.
    Please fill in the accommodation date, your name sure to invoice
    ※Destination: Yubinbango901-3401 Kerama Beach Hotel addressed to Okinawa Prefecture Shimajiri-gun Zamami-son Asa address 119

  • Connect to WiFi, it is available free of charge.
    Please note that some may be difficult connection by the weather.

  • Not included in the case rooms are cleaned at the time of the nights there is no hope in consideration of the environment.
    please note that.

  • It depends on the usage of the room please contact the hotel directly.
    Late check-out is 1,000 yen per hour, making it up to the time of the maximum 14.

  • Yes, the following credit cards are available.

  • Usually, the day before 50%, making it a 70% on the day.
    If the ship was scheduled at the time of arrival by the weather it had been canceled we have been a no-charge support.
    Bad weather is expected, if the customer of your decision is go back as soon as possible, if the ship had planned is not canceled is,
    does not become a no-charge thank you kindly enough for your understanding.

  • In advance, please contact us.
    The procurement situation of the ingredients you may correspondence is difficult. Please note.

  • I'm sorry.
    Lunch box of the service does not have.

<With respect to transportation and traffic>

  • Yes, we have a pick-up in accordance with the arrival of the ship. Please inform me of the ship's arrival time by e-mail or telephone.