STAYHow to spend

Day 1 First Day


PM 12:00 arriving by ferry Zamami to Zamami Port

Playing in the ocean

13:30 to play in the ocean
a little bit different from the beach entry, the sea between the overwhelming Kei good!
Enjoy the high repeat rate boat snorkel.
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PM 18: 30 - dinner
Enjoy a Japanese-Western daily menu.

Starry sky observation

PM 20: 00 - starry sky observation at the hotel from the walk of lethal observatory and eyes that go even before the beach, the sound of the waves, the cries of the Ryukyu scops owl in BGM …

2日目 Second Day

Sunrise watching

AM 6: 00 in front of the eyes of ~ hotel
sunrise watching. Sun Sun and the shining sun and views from Ura Bay in front of AnMamoru eyes. Charge the energy of one day!


AM 8: 00 - Breakfast

Playing in the ocean

AM 9: play at 30 to sea [boat fishing tour]
laid-back fishing time while watching the Kerama blue! Okinawa unique fish you caught a lot!
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Playing in the ocean

PM 13: 00 ~ playing in the sea
(there is also various types of rental goods) snorkeling in Ama beach living a full-Zamami the beach and the sea turtles, which won the Michelin Guide two star hotel of the pick-up

Sunset cruise

PM 18: 00 ~ [sunset cruise] or [sunset sightseeing tour]
we offer two sunset options from the observatory while interweaving also luxury ship and island tourism the sunset over the horizon.
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PM 20: 00 ~ dinner
Come and relish the fish caught by yourself.

Day 3 Third Day

Island tourism

AM 10: 00 island tourism at the rent-a-car up to the time of - way back of the ship Zamami You can see the green of nature, such as a variety of facial expressions that spread to the rich sea and mountains of coral. Come, Tour of the island in a rental car, why not try to enjoy the Zamami.
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